K. Bowley Woodcraft


K. Bowley Woodcraft is based at Arbor Farmstead. The woodworker, Kyle Bowley, feels fortunate to be a maker in his home state of Vermont. Kyle specializes in fine furniture and custom projects, however also focuses on home wares and smaller pieces to showcase at local farmers’ markets and craft fairs.

Featured Projects:



Kyle has built his own custom Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router. The total construction took almost a year and a half while worked on between other projects. This tool immensely broadens his capabilities as a woodworker and maker, allowing him to carve complex 3D shapes, make custom templates for his furniture work, or do personalized engraving and sign work.


Shaker Style Bed

This shaker-style queen-sized bed is Kyle's largest project to date. The frame is made of white oak with black walnut accents, and the headboard and footboard arches and rails are from spalted ambrosia maple. The bed comes apart for easy moving, however not a single steel component was used. All joinery uses traditional methods suched as mortise and tenons.


Lichtenberg Boards

This Vermont-shaped serving board is made out of hard maple sourced from none other than VT, and features a Lichtenberg figure etching done with 12,000 volts of electricity. The etching is then inlayed with crushed chrysocolla stone, and sealed with epoxy. The entire piece is then sanded to a glass like finish and coated with beeswax and mineral oil, making this serving board ready to be used. These are currently available at the Burlington Farmer's Market, the Champlain Islands Farmer's Market, in our online store, or by special order.


Vermont Topographic Map

Carved using USGS satellite information, this solid maple map of Vermont measures 13” across and 20” long. The map was made on Kyle’s purpose built CNC router, and took 20 hours to carve. It is incredibly accurate, however the elevations have been exaggerated by approximately 90 times to make the topography more pronounced.