Sweetbranch Syrups


Sweetbranch Syrups are made using fruit from Vermont and New York, with fruit hand harvested by the syrup-maker, Alisha, and sourced from organic farms whenever possible. Each syrup expresses its own terroir - no two batches are alike! All Sweetbranch Syrups are developed and crafted in Grand Isle, VT in our State Certified Home Kitchen. 

To date, Arbor Farmstead has planted many perennial fruit plants, which will supply fruit for future syrups. 


Where to find us:

Sweetbranch Syrups are served in snow cones, slushies, and sodas May-October: on Wednesdays at the Champlain Islands Farmers’ Market and on Saturdays at the Summer Burlington Farmers’ Market. Bottled syrups are available November-April at the Winter Burlington Farmers’ Market and year-round via our online store.